The Repair Process

Stockydale Clocks offers a comprehensive range of repair options to suit you, from simple lubrication and setting up right through to completely dismantling and overhauling the movement. Repair options and costs are discussed and agreed before work commences. A case study of a complete overhaul is shown below.

The movement as received. It is a single train weight driven ‘Vienna’ movement approximately 120 years old, dirty and discoloured.

The face and hands are carefully removed so that the movement can be completely dismantled. The wheels visible on the front of the clock drive the hour hand.

The front plate of the movement is removed to expose the time train and to allow complete and careful removal of all of the wheels.

Dismantling of the movement is complete and the parts are ready for cleaning. The wheels and pinions are examined to check for broken or worn teeth.

The movement is cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner using specialised clock cleaning fluids. After cleaning it is thoroughly dried. During reassembly care is taken to ensure the clean movement is not marked.

The movement is assessed for wear. Damaged or worn parts are repaired or replaced and worn bearings are re bushed. Worn pivots and pallets are polished or replaced if necessary

The movement partly reassembled waiting for the front plate to be fitted. The old gut line (that carries the weight) is replaced.

Reassembly is completed. The movement is lubricated using appropriate clock oil.

The movement is test run for at least one full cycle (typically 8 days). The movement is checked every day of its test and corrections made as needed.

The face and hands are fitted. Compare with the image before the cleaning process. The movement is again tested for one full cycle before completed.

The completed movement back in its case

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